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Hot and cold stamping dies:



Deep drawing

Press-forms for manufacturing of:

Aluminium parts

Rubber parts

Plastic parts

PET bottles

Plastic parts by way of extrusion

Manufacture of different parts:

Manufacture of high-precision parts

Manufacture of different structures and devices

Manufacture of different custom-made parts at the customer’s request

Restoration and manufacture of the components for machine-tools and mechanisms.

Manufacture of other technological equipment.

Metal cutting and wood sawing tools.

Development, engineering, design:

2D/3D computer aided design.

2D/3D drawing

Product design at the customer’s request.

In addition to technological equipment (forms, dies, etc), we also produce different profile mechanical parts and structures from our own or client’s materials. We produce details from plastic, ordinary and stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, etc. State-of-the-art technologies for chemical and thermal surface coating offered by our subcontractors are used for the final finishing of the surfaces. Our equipment and qualified staff ensures high quality and precision of work. We can supply our production in short, mutually agreed terms. The most important customers of FORMATEKA Ltd. are Lithuanian companies. About 40% of the company’s production is exported to Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Currently, we are negotiating the export conditions with the companies operating in Italia, France, Austria and Belgium.