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About Us

Since the foundation of the company in 1993, our main goal has been to produce reliable and quality technological equipment for our customers in Lithuania and abroad. Today FORMATEKA Ltd. has the team of 46 qualified employees (the administrative staff of 5 people, 5 designers and technologists, 34 people at the manufacturing division and 2 employees at the quality control division). The area of the company’s premises expanded to 1500 mm2 (300 mm2 for the administrative division). Application of CAD/CAM software and CNC hardware allows manufacturing of quality, precision and reliable products for our customers.

Our main goal is to meet even the strictest requirements of our clients. We aim at providing our clients with the broadest range of services and production from the most simple to fully automated technological equipment, complex press-forms, dies, forms for PET bottle manufacturing or industrial equipment. We also aim at guaranteeing the best quality of our production.

Our team will put into practice or advise on implementing of every idea. We will design and manufacture any equipment at your request, as well as repair, modify or rebuild any equipment already acquired by you.